Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Pace Run in the Snow - 01/12/2010

Last couple of hundred yards across the field

Aim today was two-fold: firstly just to get out, with a bit of a head cold, sore throat thingy going on. Secondly to do a steady and fairly easy pace run at the kind of speed I'd do in a longer race, but without the hills.

Just ran around the fields and lanes near home. 3.5 miles; 60' of ascent (well, it is pretty flat if you don't go over Lilleshall Hill way); 34:25.

PS: Last month's totals were 105.3 miles and 18,110' with two races (Time Trial and Wrekin Wrecker), compared with 131.9 miles and 23,860' for September, also with two races.

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