Monday, 29 November 2010

Around the Wrekin - 29/11/2010

A short headtorch recovery run, starting at Forest Glen, and going anticlockwise around the Wrekin, passing between the Wrekin and Little Hill (so the shortest option). I had to be a little careful down the last section on the "main drag" which is icy in parts.

I deliberately kept this very steady. I wanted just a gentle shake out after the Time Trial and I'm being careful not to overdo it this week before the Cardington Cracker. The conditions underfoot helped me keep a steady pace. By the end of the second mile my aches from yesterday had gone.

I really want to keep things fairly gentle this week so I'm aiming to get another couple of runs at around the six miles mark, each with no more than 1000' of ascent in either Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday or Friday. I wasn't fresh enough this week to give the Time Trial everything and had to back off a lot on the ascent to Stiperstones when I could have been running if I'd been fresher. This can't happen in the Cracker - I've got to improve on my 63% from Ragleth Inn to get my score in the Mercia champs up as high as I can.

3.5 miles and 440' of ascent today (both probably underestimates, particularly the ascent - my GPS didn't even register the switchbacks on the back of the Wrekin tonight). Time was 43:39 for the record, or 12:26/mile.

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