Friday, 17 December 2010

Stretton Skyline Part Deux - 17/12/2010

Climbing towards Caer Caradoc

Took Friday afternoon off - it was gorgeous sunny day with a thin carpet of fresh snow. I decided to do the second "half" (more like two-thirds) of the Stretton Skyline route I'd started on Saturday but had to cut short.

It all felt very comfortable and routine, taking things steady over Caer Caradoc and the Lawley.

Looking back from the Lawley towards Caer Caradoc and the Stretton Valley

The traverse across the fields to Dudgeley Farm was quite tough with all the meltwater from last week partly frozen and the field surfaces very rough. I'd decided the aim today was to try to run the whole route except the short steep pulls up Caradoc, at the bottom of the Lawley, and on the short really steep bit of road climbing out of Gogbatch. I took it easy up the path from Dudgeley into Gogbatch and then managed to run the entire ascent to High Park and the top of Mott's Road.

The descent into Cardingmill Valley was a little slippery, so I eased off a little, but managed a quick mile or so once on the road.

11.1 miles and 2,470' of ascent in 2:20:37, considerably quicker than the race time. If I can tie it all together, last week's time and this would take me under 4 hours (I did the race in 4:16) and I'm certain that in a race I could take another 5 to 10 minutes off that. It's really nice to be feeling like I'm making progress.

NB: My trusty Kanadia TR2s are pretty much dead - the uppers are both cut on both sides behind the toes, so I've ordered some TR3s. I hope they are as good - the TR2s have been super comfortable.

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