Sunday, 12 December 2010

Cannock Chase Fast 5k - 12/12/2010

A quick run on the way back from seeing my brother's family in Leicester.

Mum's given me a new Petzl Myo headtorch for Christmas, which (sorry Mum) I opened early because I really need it now!!! I thought I'd try it out...

I started at Beaudesert and ran across to Castle Hill, doing a couple of laps of the fortfications here and returning. I felt strong climbing - there's no need for walking now - last time I was here was in the Spring and I was still having to walk sections...

3.4 miles and 520' of ascent in 33:10.

This week's totals (not helped by resting from Wednesday to Friday) were 22.6 miles and 4,200' of ascent. The four week total goes up, to 101.7 miles and 15,480' of ascent.

Next week's aim is to do a couple of mid-distance easy runs with good ascent, and a decent weekend long slow run. If I can get back to the 30 miles and 5,000' mark that'd be good.

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