Sunday, 19 December 2010

Lilleshall Frosty Run - 19/12/2010

Very frosted tree quarter of a mile from home

Today it was time for a long gentle run, and I woke up to a winter wonderland after yesterday's snow, with the temperature around minus eight.

I ran from the house today to save driving, so set off for a tour of the village.

Another tree with hoarfrost on the farm lane

Telegraph poles, mist and sun at Cheswell Grange

In the woods near New House Farm

Looking north towards Pitchcroft

Finger post at Willmoor Lane

Looking back down the Incline (former canal)

Up by Abbey Lane

The Hill, from Wellington Road

After 8.8 miles, scenic as it was, I was not managing to stay warm and we needed to try to get out and about in the afternoon, so rather than put a fleece on, I called it a morning. There was only 400' of ascent today, but it's been a big climbing week before today. I had a great time out there though.

Just a few thoughts for the guys who were out overnight on Friday night trying to do winter BGs in pretty tough conditions. I cannot even start to comprehend how you could set off with sufficient drive and self confidence that you could get more than one leg donw, let alone push through as far as Bowfell. Awesome. Better luck with the weather next time guys...

My weekly total is 29.3 miles and 5,150' of ascent. The four week rolling total is 100.6 miles and 15,280'. I could do with upping the distance and the climbing a bit if I'm seriously going to have a chance at a BG in 2012, but the racing prep seems to be coming on well.

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  1. beautyful views! with snow looks evrything very quiet and peaceful