Saturday, 4 December 2010

Lilleshall Hill - 04/12/2010

Almost a monochrome Monument

Well, yesterday was a complete write off - you know how it is on the worst day of a cold. Today I'm with a cough and a bit bunged up but I don't have the headache and runny eyes any more.

I decided this morning that the Cracker was probably a write off so I'll have to settle for 200% on the Mercia Champs. However, I'd like to put my bit back for the year so I rang Paul Sanderson and offered to marshall. I'll be standing at Comley Farm watching the road crossing there from about 11:20 until 12:00 (hopefully that'll be the last runner). I may then sweep through part of the remainder of the course.

This decided, I thought I'd go out for a bit of a run today, just to keep things ticking over and get some fresh air. I set out to run for an hour around the village.

I was aiming for an easy pace but was presently surprised to be doing 10 minute miles (despite slush, ice, and slippery trails) and feeling pretty good. I did the last 1.5 miles in the minimal neoprene beach shoes. I almost regret the decision not to run at Cardington, but I think I should look after myself just this once.

7.0 miles, 260' in 1 hr 10 min.

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