Thursday, 30 September 2010

Training - Run Home! 30/09/2010

Me car's broke, so I ran home tonight from Stafford Park in Telford to Lilleshall. Sadly this was all on tarmac, although at least some of it is separated from the road a bit. I felt generally quite good and concentrated fairly well on my form again, particularly on picking up feet from my thighs, and engaging my core muscles.

The run was 6.84 miles with 190' of ascent(!) - my overall time was 1:02:19. This included a 10k in 56:26, my fastest on the road even though this was only a fairly controlled pace run, so I'm pleased with the overall speed. My kilometre splits were all in the mid to high 5 minutes except for one uphill (6:05), one steeply downhill (Redhill Way - 04:56) and a bit of an effort on the 10th kilometre (5:09). In terms of pace per mile, the average was 9:07 - again quite pleasing - last time I checked I could just about sustain 10 minute miles.

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