Sunday, 12 September 2010

Training - Wrekin 09/09/2010

This started off as a gentle run around the Wrekin - I started clockwise round and took the permissive path up into the gap between the steep south west ridge of the Wrekin and Little Hill. I jogged up Little Hill and then down (brambles are getting bad here) to join the path along the north west slopes of the Wrekin.

I intended just to run back round, maybe up to Halfway House, but mucked up and took the right fork at 623 082, which leads up to the zig zags under the radio transmitter. If you stick to the zig zags this is a long, sustained but mostly runnable ascent, so I continued on, scrambling the last 100' up to the radio station and picking up an impressive looking but superficial set of scratches on one thigh. (0:59:35 to the top).

I continued on to the summit and descended steadily to Halfway House then more aggressively down the spur to the right of the main scree gully. My descent was done in 10 mins 20 seconds, which I think could have been 09:00 if I'd run a bit harder down to Halfway House - so it might be a viable option if the ground's really wet underfoot in the scree gully as it was on Tuesday.

A couple of rest days now and then the Stretton Skyline!


  1. Ay ! I didn't realised you'd started a blog mate. Sorry i didn't notice earlier ;-)

  2. Cool Lightning. Nice to see you round here!