Monday, 4 October 2010

Stretton Long(ish) Run - 02/10/2010

Another nice slow run around the Skyline route (second half). I was a bit short of time because I had to get the car back to Telford for half five, so I missed out the Lawley. Got the descent route right coming off Caradoc this time, and made a good fist of the ascent up to High Park.

I found myself running through the tail end of the Long Mynd Hike field, which has wetted my appetite for next year (buggered up getting registered in time for this year). The tracks across the fields from Comley to Gogbatch were pretty muddy. At Gogbatch I saw Keith Richards and had my photo taken by John Richards of I stopped for a brief chat.

Further up the hill, the marshalls at the High Park checkpoint were quite keen to get me to check-in, and I had to avoid being mistaken for a hiker and manhandled into a tent!

A nice comfortable run today, with no real stresses. 9.5 miles and 1,860' of ascent in about 1 hour 54 minutes. Comparing splits with the run a couple of weeks ago there's a distinct improvement for what I reckon was about the same effort, although I may have been a bit fresher as I'd missed out the Lawley ascent this time. Across the fields from Comley to the railway in 11:05 (previous 13:35), from the railway up Gogbatch to the road junction 13:49 (15:21 before - using the road is quicker), from the road junction to the junction of the paths above the fields at High Park 12:52 (15:19 before), and from there to the top of Mott's Road 11:16 (11:52 before).

I plan to run the full route probably the weekend after next (around the 17th) to see how much difference the increased mileage and climbing has made in the five weeks since the Skyline Race. I also need to do a full rehearsal for the Wrekin Wrecker soon.

My total for this week was 25.6 miles and 4,100' of climbing (the easiest week for five weeks), and for the four weeks since 6 September of 124.1 miles and 24,010' of climbing (including some hillwalking last weekend).

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