Monday, 6 September 2010

Wrekin Training - 06/09/2010

A quick session on the Wrekin after a long day in the office in Brum. The weather was absolutely wild tonight with squally wind and lots of rain - I love it when it's like that! It just makes you feel alive...

I went up via the spur left of the scree gully, walked only the steepest bits, and walked them quite quickly, probably sustaining 90% RPE most of the way up. Time to the summit was 17:35. Rested for two minutes at the summit. Descent was via the scree gully. This was very slippery and probably cost one to two minutes, as I had to do the top two thirds of it at pretty much walking pace to keep my footing maybe the spur would have been better. The descent took 09:41.

The whole outing's pretty pleasing and definite progress in performance in the 12 days since the Ragleth Inn race, during which I've done a long slowish 8 miles on the first section of the Skyline Route, and a long slow 9 miles up Bleaklow. It seems to be working - I recovered pretty quickly after tonight's hard effort, and jogged around the little reservoir to warm down.

The total time (excluding the break) was 27:16 which would have given me 71% in the 2010 race - I reckon a bit more practice/training and we should be looking at 25:00 for the Streak next year.

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