Saturday, 18 September 2010

Winter Hill Recovery Run 13/09/2010

The road up Winter Hill

The day after the Stretton Skyline I was working in Warrington, so when I finished I went over to Horwich for a little recovery run up Winter Hill.

This was a very gentle 4.3 mile jog in 0:58:30 including some pretty boggy bits around the main radio mast - access shut off because of overhead work. Stopped to take a few pics on the phone so actual jogging time more likely around 0:53:00 or 12:20 miles - a nice slow recovery pace! Even so I was stiff after the drive back down the M6 and A519.

Slightly blurred photo of the summit in the gloom

View (!) north from the summit

Another blurry pic of the trig and some telecomms masts

Rivington Pike from the road - a fell race with a history is Rivington!

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