Monday, 13 June 2011

Update for week ending 05/06/2011

Wow. What a frustrating week.

I missed the club run on Tuesday (a good thing - my foot was killing from the bash I gave it on Skiddaw) and went to the physio instead. I saw Rob Sharp again and he did a thorough assessment of my leg problems. Basically I should have seen it but didn't put things together... I am very tight down the back of both legs (right in particular at the moment). I've been pretty crap with stretching etc. after training or racing for several months and this might be come-uppance. I'm also realising that I've been doing an awful lot of work with my lower legs (possibly as an adaptation because of the state my heels were in after the Three Peaks). Neither of these are big or clever.

Rob did a little work on my left achilles which was giving me the most grief of all (even more than my right calf) and gave me some stretching exercises to do against a thera-band.

On Wednesday I had to stand and watch the Batch Bash race. I should have entered and walked round - Keith did this and bagged himself nearly as many series points as my fairly full-on effort at Caradoc got me. Instead I timed the junior race and had the pleasure of watching a junior win the seniors race too (albeit an England international). Kind of vindicates the new development policy really :-)

Rob asked me to go up to Lilleshall late for a longer session on Thursday, and he put me through the wringer. We went in the gym, where he got me to drop into the squat position as if weightlifting, but holding a broom handle (or something similar) above my head. I couldn't get down on my haunches due to the tightness in the back of my legs. I needed about two inches of "heels" (weights actually) under my feet to get a reasonable squat with my feet facing forward.

We went through a sequence of exercises which I've been doing fairly religously since (guess what I'm going to do when I've finished this blog entry). These are aimed at strengthening my glutes and abductors to improve my stability. I'll be back again for the next stage once I've got that nailed...

Rob then did some work on my right calf and left achilles. The achilles really hurt!

I had a short bike ride on the Saturday morning and spent the afternoon at the Hinks cutting the big hedge at the front - it grows quicker than it can be cut in the spring!

On Sunday I was working, so that's about the total of the exercise since the Lakes trip.

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