Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Longmynd by Bike - 07/06/2011

Still not running...

I went out to meet the Tuesday night crew, but had to content myself with cycling, not running. I left the car at the Ragleth in Little Stretton and rode over to Church Stretton. After a chat with the Tuesday night group, who were off up Ashes Hollow to Pole Bank, I left at the same time as them, and rode over to All Stretton, then up via Plush Hill to the path up past High Park. I only walked a couple of short sections on the road, but do need a better low gear if I'm going to bike on these roads regularly!

I part walked, part rode the bike up to Duckley Nap and then along the Portway to the Shooting Box. At Boiling Well I had a look to see if anyone was coming up from Ashes, but was probably a little too soon. I rode down the road to Pole Cottage and then double backed up the track to Pole Bank (rode all the way up!)

Just as I was about to set off, the running group appeared, so we had a nice natter and then headed off in convoy as far as the top of Mott's Road. I went on and then picked up the Woolstaston road, descending carefully because of all the lambs on the road. I cut back to Stretton via Jinlye for a nice round trip totalling about 20 miles and 1,200' of climbing.

Photos to follow...

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