Sunday, 26 June 2011

Pontesbury Hill Race - 22/06/2011

On the easier upper section of the descent
I'm still not completely fit (I know, boring, but true), but want to have a full summer series, so after missing the Wrekin Streak and the Batch Bash, I had to do this one. I decided to run fairly conservatively, and not to get involved with racing anyone else.

The race was straightforward enough - I did it last year so knew what to expect. The second climb is a bit of a killer and it was hard to start running again straight away, especially as there's a runnable couple of hundred uphill yards to the summit from the top of the steep bit.

Crossing the stile at the top of the first climb
Both photos courtesy Al Tye -
I had a better descent than last year (but not full on) and then took it easy on the run in trying not to do any damage to my achilles.

I was pleased with my time (28:32, compared with 32:19 last year), and the 74% score was reasonable considering I wasn't running full on. Finishing 54th of 90 starters gave me a reasonable 72 points for the series too.

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