Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Gogbatch Gallop - 08/06/2011

The Gogbatch Gallop is a race with a difference. Competitors are paired (one junior and one senior/vet), and the event is handicapped with younger and older runners receiving a bigger advantage. There's an amazing computer system thingy to work it all out.

I pitched up to help and ended up jogging round the course to check the marking half an hour before the start. The course is a mile, with about 350' of ascent (to help with the fellrunning "feel" the start is a couple of hundred feet above the finish). I had a nice jog round but pulled my b****y calf yet again just before the finish. That'll teach me for jogging when I'm not supposed to be...

During the race I manned the final turn. What an amazing experience - all those happy but determined little faces. We had more numbers than in previous years, so I think the effort with the junior races on the Summer Series is paying off...

Video to come as and when I can get it edited.

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