Monday, 13 June 2011

Steel Fell - 30/05/2011

Got chatting to John after breakfast and discovered he's
a former Mercia Fell Runner, so I reunited him with the
club vest!

On the Bank Holiday Monday I couldn't bear just to drive straight home from the Lakes, so despite some pretty iffy weather I dumped the car on the northbound verge at Dunmail and wandered up Steel Fell: now I know why people seem to be going so slowly up there on BG videos - it's flipping steep, even the bottom bit.. Mind you there's a path, which there wasn't 20 years ago when I last wandered along this way.

Looking down to Thirlmere from just west of the summit of Steel Fell

Calf Crag, with High Raise in cloud behind
I had a good mooch round on top, over towards the tarn on the way to Calf Crag, and a little way down the south slope towards Greenburn Bottom. There's a nice perched boulder of probably a couple of tonnes there.

Perched boulder with Calf Crag behind
On the way back I met three separate walkers / runners, and had a nice chat with a lady from Abbey Runners in Leeds. They were all out on recce for separate parties in June, the Abbey Runners ladies were going to have a go at the Billy Bland Relay challenge.
Another view of Thirlmere, this time from just north of the summit on the way down.

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