Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tuesday Night Run - 22/02/2011

Another Tuesday and another good run from Church Stretton. Not a classic tonight, but just what I needed after a ridiculously busy day. We went out along Madeira Walk and then round Novers Hill into Cwmdale, then we turned up the Batch.

I was just enjoying how comfy and grippy the xTalons were, and having a nice chat with Sandy, when I nearly missed the little bridge, tried to side-step onto it, lost my footing on the slippery wood and went for a burton. I bashed my right hip and knee (good grazes apparent later when I took my tights off), but got up pretty quickly and just kept running. I find this is the best way with knocks and bruises...

Anyway we cut up onto the ridge the LMV descends to Jonathan's Hollow, and then worked our way up in thick mist to the top of Haddon Hill.

The descent was via the Portway and straight down Mott's Road.

6.3 miles, 1,400' (according to the OS map, the GPS said about 1,800' but that seemed high to me) and 01:21.

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