Thursday, 10 February 2011

Newport Running Club Killed Me! - 09/02/2011

A route around some muddly lanes and fields
These people are sick. This is supposed to be their fell section run. The only thing we didn't run on was a fell, and it was all done at something around about what would probably be my 10k race pace if I ever did a 10k race. Mostly we ran on roads, ankle deep mud and cow shite. Also, I generally take run to mean anything between a jog and something a little bit faster than a jog (for short periods). These guys don't stop to look at the view. In fact, pretty much they don't stop.

They were very nice though. I followed some reflectivey clothing at a respectful distance around a load of fields between Lilleshall Hall and Sherrifhales on Wednesday night, finding it quite hard to keep up, but it was good for me and we had a good crack in the pub afterwards.

I think the shite was around mile five, and there was a long uphill drag on a gallop somewhere round mile six. I don't remember too much else, except being out of breath a lot and Sandy and Helen very patiently back marking with me. There's a map and a run profile below,and we ran 7.7 miles and did 630' of ascent in about 1 hour 15 minutes.

Looks better with an exaggerated vertical scale!

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