Thursday, 3 February 2011

Club Run - 01/02/2011

Most of a Cardingmill Canter!
Tuesday night's club run was a fairly straightforward run around part of the Cardingmill Canter race route. The race is on Saturday, details are on the Mercia Fellrunners website.

Despite spending the day walking disused canals for work, I was in reasonable shape once I'd warmed up, and kept a good pace on the main ascents of Stanyeld, Bodbury Hill and Haddon Hill. On top we followed the track and road and then descended the first 500m down the Skyline route towards Lightspout Hollow. Joining the main hollow there was a lot of ice on the path, so Andy Davies suggested we go up a little used but clear trail onto the shoulder above Calf Ridge and descend the ridge itself. This was a nice way (up and) down. I made a decent effort of the last small climb out of Cardingmill Valley and over to the top of the rectory woods, and finished feeling like I'd done a few good efforts over the course of the run.

As ever, excellent company and a nice run out.

The GPS gives 6.4 miles and 1,810' of ascent (1,620' from the profile based on whatever DEM, digital elevation model, uses). The run profile is below. The red speed bits are where we stopped to regroup!

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