Sunday, 20 February 2011

Stretton Long Run - 20/02/2011

Caer Caradoc from the track below Cwms Cottage

This is the first time I've been out and really felt like I was comfortably within myself but still running well all the way (I only walked the headwall up onto Ashlet, which is very steep).

I had a nice run round some of the Stretton Hills, keeping it fairly short due to the highish climbing total this week and the likely demands of next week (LMV recce and a BG Legs 3 and 4 recce). The weather was pleasant enough, overcast but not misty, wet, or cold. My route was from Church Stretton up to Cwms Cottage and then onto the col west of Willstone Hill.

Battle Stones, Willstone Hill
Caer Caradoc from Battle Stones
From the Battle Stones I returned to the col and took a traversing line to pt. 393 (labelled Hope Bowdler Hill on the OS Map), then beelined on very thin sheep tracks to the 426m summit, and down to the Gaer Stone.

Hazler Hill (with mast) and Ragleth Hill from above the Gaer Stone
I headed up the road and onto Ragleth Hill, traversing the ridge to the post, and then enjoying a real swooping descent (with just one slip despite very wet ground) down to the A49.

From Little Stretton I headed up Ashes Hollow and then into the valley between Ashlet and Yearlet. I took the right hand fork towards to top of the valley and had to hike the last 100m or so onto the ridge, but was soon running well again around the path which traverses the north face of Grindle. I swung round the top of Townbrook Hollow and down the path, which makes for a very quick descent at the moment if you can avoid the walkers and dogs!

A quick blast over the "little sod" and down the path into CMV, and then a jog down to the car near the Social Club finished off a good morning out.

Todays stats were 11.5 miles and 2,400' of ascent in 2 hours 23 minutes. The weekly total is 31.9 miles (-2.0) and 7,000' (+470'); the four weekly total moves to 119.4 miles (+11.3) and 26,000' (+2,250') as the taper week and Kinder Trial drop out.

I'm pretty please with how it's going so far this year. I won't be looking to measure any progress at the LMV, just to get round in reasonable shape. Of more concern is whether I'm yet fit enough to give a decent account of myself on Owen's BG recce next weekend.

The map and profile for today's effort are below.


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  2. Hello,

    I've been following the blog for a while, and have been impressed with your exploits.

    However, I was walking around Church Stretton yesterday with my friend, when this lean fell runner went zooming past !!

    Being somewhat short of match fitness I was more than a little envious of the said runners ability.

    And then I read the blog post this morning .... it's a small world sometimes.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Ross

    Thanks for that (very encouraging) - I must have been on a downhill bit -were you one of the folk on the path up Townbrook Valley??

    I've been having a look at your blog and you shouldn't be too envious - I'm not sure I'd fare very well on some of those LDWA events - they look distinctly gnarly.

    Are you doing the Pontesbury Potter in March?

    Cheers and thanks again for the nice words

  4. Hi Jim,

    Yup, there were two of us walking up desperately trying to follow the Country walking map.

    We were heading to the Royal Oak at Cardington for a couple of pints before heading back.

    As for the LDWA events, I generally walk them as my back isn't that strong enough to survive a full off road marathon.

    And as for the Potter, the wife and I will be doing it as walkers.

    May catch you again in the hills.

    Take Care