Friday, 15 October 2010

Malvern Hills - 13/10/2010

View south from Pt.357 towards Herefordshire Beacon

I diverted on my way back from a work awards ceremony (CPRE Gloucestershire ranch award for our project at Saintbridge Pool in Gloucester) to another favourite car park for training runs, at British Camp on the Malvern - Ledbury road.

I started with a quick run up Herefordshire Beacon (338m). I didn't walk at any point, and this impressed some American students on top enough that they actually said encouraging things like "awesome" and "keep it up". This is nice. Usually Brits just look at you like you're mad. Buoyed up (the "keep it up" girl was pretty good looking), I hammered down the descent across Millennium Hill and back round the hill to the car park.

I crossed the road and ran a constant rate over Black Hill and Pinncale Hill to the highest point of this section of the Malverns, Pt 357m (it doesn't seem to have a name). There were three short steep sections, but I found a nice rhythm and managed to run it all. I took a moment to enjoy the view and take the pictures, then jogged back to the car. The quick cadence descending, concentrating on picking up the legs is working I think - I certainly feel more confident of my footing and it seems faster).

Looking north from Pt.357m towards Worcestershire Beacon

Only 3.9 miles and 710' of ascent, in 43:30.

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