Saturday, 16 October 2010

Skyline Long Run - 16/10/2010

Stretton Hills from the climb up Caer Caradoc

Another lovely morning in Shropshire... and I find myself answering the call of the Skyline again - this really is a great training route. Having done a straight second half on the 19th September, and a shortened one on the 2nd October, today I did a slightly lengthened route, continuing along the Portway rather than going down Mott's Road into Cardingmill Valley. I went on as far as Pole Bank and then double-backed and went down Townbrook Valley and through the Rectory Woods back into town.

Willstone Hill and the Cwms area from the climb up Caer Caradoc

I went gently today, taking it fairly easy but was pleased to see that with relatively little effort I'd nearly matched my time from a fortnight ago to the summit of Caer Caradoc (27:30). From here to Comley I had easily my fastest descent (10:41 - this had taken over 16 minutes last month).

I was a minute and half slower than last month on both the other ascents (15:52 today from Comley Farm to the Lawley and 40:17 from Dudgely to the top of Mott's Road), but I was going easier.

I ran the descent of the Lawley nearly two minutes faster than last month though (6:06 to the farm). The work on descending style and form is really paying off.

The extra effort of going on from Mott's Road to Pole Bank was surprising and I was pretty tired and slow on the descent of Townbrook Valley. I ran down through the Rectory Field and town back to Sandford Avenue and then had a stroll and a stretch.

Today's totals: 13.2 miles, 2,640' of ascent, 2:45:21 including three very short (1 min) stops. The weekly total for this week will be 28.3 miles and 4,790' unless I can get out tomorrow for a short recovery run.

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