Sunday, 17 October 2010

Lilleshall Recovery Run - 17/10/2010

I did a brief recovery run this afternoon just to keep loose and shake out the miles from this week. Route was my 5k+ loop from home up to Lilleshall Hill and back via Cheswell Grange.

I've been re-reading "Born to Run" and am quite keen to give the barefooting a go, mostly because I hope it will help me to get a better running form, so when I got back to the house I changed my road shoes for an old pair of beach shoes (no padding at all) and did another 1.4 miles in these.

Very hardcore running shoes - I think these were £3.50!

The speed was much the same, no more effort either, but I was running with shorter strides and a faster cadence. I didn't feel sore anywhere, and went over a short section of quite rough broken road without hurting my feet.

Total today 5.1 miles, 180' ascent, 51:00. The week's total was 33.4 miles and 4,970' of ascent and the rolling 4 week total is 125.0 miles and 24,230' of ascent.


  1. Good to see another barefoot enthusiast, Jim. Must admit I'm back to fell shoes for the duration of the winter, but the bf stuff has left me with better form (I think)


  2. Like the shoes Jim.

    I bought a similar pair from Aldi a while ago.

  3. The shoes were from a beach shop somewhere or other and have a grip pattern not unlike Walshes! (not why I bought them but nice to have...) Will try to BF run once a week and I keep trying to remember to take my shoes off.