Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wot no Bluebells? - 27/09/2011

The intention tonight was to go through the woods to Little Stretton, then up Ashes Hollow with some going on over Pole Bank and some cutting short up the valley LEFT of Yearlet to pick up the path down Townbrook Hollow.

In the event we got up to the gap between Yearlet and Long Synalds and the short cut group never caught us up. I went back and climbed the ramp to the col between Yearlet and Ashlet, but couldn't see them, so ran down the green path to the car park.

The short cut group came in ten minutes later, having ambled round the head of Townbrook and down the valley path (right way home, wrong route from Ashes to Townbrook). The main group came back a little later. All's well that ends well I suppose...

I only wanted a short one anyway, and that's what I got: 4.6 miles and 950'.

Oh, and the post title: between me and the short route group we covered the route of the Bluebell Run race. I didn't see any bluebells this time...

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