Thursday, 20 October 2011

Tuesday Night Run - 18/10/2011

Next week is Terry's race, so tonight we ran a reccie, partly to make sure as many as possible know where they're going, and partly so Terry could decide where to put his glow stick markers out.

We were joined by Tim and Roland, fresh from the relays. Neither of them have been out on a Tuesday for a good while - so it was good to see both.

We set off up Rectory Field to the gate (I think I might climb the field gate rather than wait for the kissing gate), then past the Hotel entrance to the Hundred Steps. At the top the route goes right and then left (no cutting the corner) onto the green path for the slog up the flank of Ashlet. From the col it's straight up to the top of Yearlet (I was too low and left yet again tonight). The top's about 1.15 miles and 830' of climbing from the start.

We regrouped at the top just as the last of the light went, then ran back to the col to find the descent. I think we'll have a marshall here to separate the slow uppies from the fast downies...

The descent is steep but straight forward - there's a bowl which gathers lower down into a gully. I need to watch out for the stream in the bottom: it's one of those nasty slot streams you could easily hurt yourself in. Soon enough you're crossing the bigger stream onto the path in Townbrook Hollow.

Here the race will turn right for a fast run out down the valley path and into Rectory Woods, then out via the bottom path into the finishing field, but we turned left and climbed up the valley. I was up front and set a steady pace up to the head of the valley, where we regrouped again. Jon went down with a tweaked knee - hope it's ok matey.

We ran on up to meet at the rock at the top of Cow Ridge, although a few at the front didn't listen to where we were going so Sandy was whisked off on a high speed deviation with some of the quick guys. I back marked down the ridge with some of our novices, giving some hints on descending technique (not that I know much!)

A good steady run up the ramp passed quickly nattering with Noel, and we were soon back in the car park. It was colder tonight than we've had to date - winter's coming!

5.4 miles, 1,700' of climbing and 1hr 25mins including grouping stops.

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