Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tuesday Night RUN!!! - 05/07/2011

I got all the way round! Yee-hah.

Major step forward in the rehab, even if I did feel like I had nothing in my legs at all. It's like being a newbie fellrunner all over again... I just have learnt a few tricks to keep going now.

We did a great route, out over Nover's Hill (very wet bracken, and so wet legs), down into the Batch (except I took the wrong path and had to descend a direct line though the world's biggest nettle patch - in shorts), and up to Jinlye.

From there it was new ground for me for a little while, running lovely soft single tracks around the lips of the batches to reach the shoulder of Haddon. We finished over Bodbury - why is there no path along the fence?? - and down the green gully to CMV.

I was sore and I kind of dragged myself around, but there weren't the after effects and it didn't hurt like last week did, so there's progress there. I might even restart the mile and climb-ometer; but I'm not going to. All the training effort now will be directed at the Longmynd Hike, so it's time out which counts. I can also total up beneficial time in the gym and on the bike this way.

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