Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tuesday Night - 26/07/2011

Mark, Tom and Roger run the final few steps to Yearlet
Another lovely evening in Church Stretton...

Tonight we ran up the hundred steps and the green path onto Yearlet (well walked mostly - it was pretty hot and humid too). We had a good natter at the top, and then set off at varying speeds down into Windy Batch and Ashes Hollow (pretty much the way the Valleys race comes up).

Regrouping and chatting on top of Yearlet
Much nattering on the Yearlet...
We trogged up Ashes fairly slowly with some walking towards the top, and then on to Pole Bank.

The descent was good tonight, via the Skyline ascent route into Lightspout Hollow, then using the traversing path onto the nose of Cow Ridge before plunging down into CMV for the run out through the Rectory Wood to the car park.

We had a good attendance at the pub too, and I managed to give Phil my money and an entry form for the Wistanstow Challenge "Walk" so I guess I'm committed on that one too...

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