Friday, 1 July 2011

Gym - 01/07/2011

Some recovery work - stretches, icing, etc. to the achilles on Wednesday and Thursday resulted in me being able to go down the stairs almost normally when I got up today!! There's still a bit of soreness, but mostly the pain has gone.

I took James to the gym this evening and had a light cardio session, all on the upright bike. I started with five minutes warm up (80 rpm) on a medium resistance, then followed this with an intervals session of six 90 second efforts (100 to 110 rpm at the same resistance) with 2 minute recoveries in between. This got my heart rate up to the low 150s (about 85% of MHR) at the end of each rep, dropping to about 135 after the recoveries. By the end I had buzzing legs, was dripping in sweat and very out of breath! Good.

I warmed down over five minutes gradually reducing the resistance and then stretched hamstrings (sitting stretches). I moved on to do the eccentric heel drops and raises exercise. All of these 5 reps each side for 15 seconds hold. The hamstring stretches can be really uncomfortable. Anyway at the end of that my ankles felt pretty much normal, so it may be working a bit... I'll keep at these two.

I'll probably head over to mid-Wales in the morning for a long walk on the hills, and then will have to hold myself down (unless miracle recoveries are in this weekend) and not run at Callow on Sunday. Physio is on Monday!

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