Sunday, 10 July 2011

Callow Fell Race - 03/07/2011

Long string of runners heading up Ashlet
Oh how much did I want to do this! It's an absolute brute. There aren't many short races about with 2,500' of ascent in them! Most of that is at about 45 degrees too. Still it would have been stupid when the recovery's going well.

On a very hot morning Steve Cale won the mens and Mel Price the ladies. There were some great performances by some of our newer runners, and one of our longer served ones got a special "idiot" award for being the only runner to have completed all ten Callow Races... well done Noel!

I took photos at Ashes Hollow where the runners cross from Yearlet to climb Grindle, and then jogged round to the finish and up Callow, taking more as people finished. Steve was too fast to get a piccy at the end; most others did though. Here are a few of the best pics I took:

Steve, running hard up a 45 degree slope!

Andy - huge capacity to make himself suffer!

Paul - ditto

Noel, on his way to Ten Callows!

Ed, flying as usual. Will I be this fast in 10 years? Probably not.

Terry, on an absolute blinder...

Struggling out of the Valley of Death!

Jon, still going strong. Tuesdays are doing some good!

Emily - great effort and 3rd Lady!

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  1. Great photos. I've linked the first shot of the runners snaking uphill to my diary at Hope that's OK..
    I'm the one in the red shirt brandishing his car keys!
    Cheers! Simon.