Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kinder Western Edges - 24/11/2010

Not sure about that expression! Self portrait at Kinder Low

Well, a couple of days and a big Compeed have sorted out the damage from the Wreker, so it was out again this afternoon for a quickie on the way back from inspecting broken bits of canal in Manchester.

I drove round the M60 and out to Hayfield, parking up at the Bowden Bridge car park where the famous 1932 mass trespass started - kind of the home of the Right to Roam.

I ran up along the banks of Kinder Reservoir.

Kinder Reservoir

The ascent of Williams Clough is nice and steady, although with a rough path. There are steps at the end of the valley and that's the only bit I walked, although I was deliberately taking it as steady as I could. My route turned right and climbed another short steep section onto the edge of the plateau. A mile on from here is Kinder Downfall.

The light was no good for the classic downfall view, so here's one of the north side with Kinder Reservoir nestling in the valley.

Sunshine just emerging from beneath the clouds south of the Downfall

It's a mile and a quarter of undulating running on a rough path south to Kinder Low. I stopped to take a quick photo or two, but it was a bit chilly to linger as a breeze had got up here.

Trig point at Kinder Low with hoar frost. Ringing Roger on the skyline.

The route back to Bowden Bridge needed a couple of quick looks at the map, but is straightforward. I followed the main path down to the point where the Brown Knoll and Jocob's ladder paths meet, and turned right past Edale Cross initially up a short steep rise and then down a very rough cart track over Oaken Clough. The rough path continues on down to the River Sett, where a short section goes through a field with Highland Cattle to meet a paved road which can be followed back to Bowden Bridge.

Felt fairly controlled, not too tired after Sunday, but a little sore in the achilles and had a sore right shin in the car later. Good stretches after though (forgot on Sunday).

8.6 miles, 1,690' of ascent in 2h 1 min. A very steady pace but that included several minutes of stops and I was actively trying to take it easy and run at recovery pace.


  1. Nice photos, Jim. You're about as photogenic as me ;-)

  2. Hey up Jim
    Sounds like a cracking run, its a great route
    Qualiity photos.


  3. Thanks guys. The camera is the pretty rubbish one on my iPhone, but it does the job, and the phone does double duty as a GPS tracker. 4 winds - there are (many) people in the world who are more photogenic than me, but I'm over it cos I don't think its possible that there's anyone who enjoys a run in the hills more than I do!

  4. Too true. I'm at my best disappearing into the distance!

  5. I ran up along the banks of Kinder Reservoir. ...