Monday, 15 November 2010

Hill Intervals - 09/11/2010

The one and only midweek session this week - rubbish, due to being way too disorganised.

I did two "circuits" up and down Redhill Way near the Donnington Asda, late on in the evening. The first was a warm up, and on the second I did three hard 90 second efforts on the climb and jogged back down to warm down.

Pace on the efforts wasn't particularly consistent (08:00; 06:56; 08:30), but I did do 90 second recoveries in between UPHILL. I had sore shins afterwards. This was the first occasion I'd run entirely on tarmac or in my road shoes for some time.

Overall pace was almost exactly 10:00 per mile (some very gentle jogging to warm down). Distance 3.7 miles, ascent 390'.

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