Sunday, 21 November 2010

Long Mynd - 18/11/2010

Looking down the valley between Yearlet and Ashlet

Finished work early on Thursday and took a bit of leave time partly to get some daylight training in over on the Mynd.

I ran in fairly constant rain up from the town via the bottom of Carding Mill Valley and the Burway to Burway Hill, and then around the head of Townbrook Valley and up to Ashlet. I think I've finally found a good way down into Ashes Hollow. Double back from the top heading north, and find the top of the re-entrant about 300m away. I actually went about 700m and went down the main valley, but the re-entrant looks goood from the bottom. Much better than the gorse further along the west face or the really steep south ridge.

I then headed up Ashes Hollow right to the top - this dragged and I felt weak but kept running (just about...). As I topped out of the hollow, the rain finally stopped. I continued on up to the top of Pole Bank where a tiny gap in the cloud opened and I was bathed in sunshine for about a minute!

Sunshine and dramatic light, Pole Bank

On over the summit of Pole Bank and past the Shooting Box to Haddon Hill (always forget this has a short but steep ascent between the two tops), Bodbury Ring and finally Stanyeld. I fell on the way down Stanyeld, but as usual had no trouble and was up and running again very quickly. Must find some comfortable shoes with a bit more grip though now the winter's here. The path round from Stanyeld to Carding Mill Valley is superb and very fast...

10.1 miles, 1,790' and 2hr 09min.

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