Monday, 1 August 2011

Run to the PUB! - 01/08/2011

At Pole Bank, just off the most direct route to the pub!
I ran from Little Stretton to the official opening of the Bridges at Ratlinghope (used to be called the Horseshoes at Bridges) tonight.

I had a great run up Ashes Hollow (ran all the way up) then to Pole Bank and down to Coates Farm, with the last 3/4 mile on the road. Felt really strong all the way despite muggy heat and was strengthened more by three pints of the excellent Three Tuns "Solstice" light zesty ale on arrival...

Mmmm... quaffing ale.

5.6 miles and 1,050' of ascent in 1:05:30. Or looked at another way 3 pints, half a pork butty, some crisps a pork pie and some excellent banter in 2:30:00.

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  1. Sounds brilliant, Jim. I too am a firm believer in the importance of post-run beerage.