Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mini Mountain Marathoning Again - 11/08/2011

Another Dark and White mini mountain marathon, but sadly this time without my running partner who was on nights.

I had been held up at a meeting in Retford and only just made it in time to start before the 19:00 cut-off. The weather was pretty grim: it rained all the way round.

I had a good start but then mucked up the navigation leaving CP7 so had a very scenic and slow trip to the next one, including 4 minutes stood working out where the heck I was. Not normal for me really - usually I know precisely where I am but can't remember why I'm there...

Anyway I finished with a good uphill pull from the final CP and only 2 penalty points this time giving me 183 points from a maximum of 265.

There's a link to my route here, and I'll try to get the event map scanned and posted soon.


  1. Well done Jim you finished more than 40points ahead of us.

    Will you be doing the Autumn Winter series?

  2. Bit of an effort though, I found. I ducked out of going for the really high scoring ones furthest away and did the CP down by the trail below the village instead - cost me points I think in the end. I'll check the dates for the autumn/winter - it'd be cool to arrange to meet up after one!