Friday, 20 May 2011

Update - 16/05/2011

"No running since Caradoc" would seem to be the best headline for the period over the weekend to Monday 16th. I'm trying to give a little time for all the various niggles, particularly my heels, to heal. I've not exactly been sedentary, but I think a week off to let everything sort itself out was overdue really. I should have done this after the Three Peaks really...

On Thursday I had to hold myself down, with a meeting in Cromford I'd normally have run on the way back, but that wouldn't have been clever so I settled for a gym session with James in the evening. This was a fairly gentle 20 minute cycle at 60-70% MHR on a relatively low resistance, followed by a session building core strength on the weight machines (generally 3 sets of 8 reps at relatively high loads).

I was "up north" for a meeting early on Friday, and when I got back I went over to Wales for a weekend at Borth. We had a nice 4 mile walk along the beach to the pub and back on Saturday, and just chilled on Sunday before driving back to Shropshire.

When I got back I headed out on the road bike for a recovery ride, covering 14.4 miles around Muxton, Chetwynd Aston and Lilleshall Hall in 1:08 (so 12.7 mph on average). The route was fairly hilly with climbs from Donnington Wood up to Heath Hill (on the farm track which is just about OK on the roadie) and then up to Lilleshall Hall from Chetwynd Aston, so I was reasonably pleased with the speeed and it was just nice to get out for a moderate workout.

On Monday I did another gyms session with James. A bit heavier this time, with 20 minutes on the bike again to start off with, at a higher resistance but keeping to 60-70% MHR again. My core strength session was virtually identical to Thursday's. I did a couple of 500m sprints on the rowing machine to get some anaerobic work in, and then warmed down with 10 minutes on the cross trainer. I have a slight twinge in my left IT band after and I think this is from the cross trainer - better stay off that!

Anyway, stomach upset permitting, hopefully I'll make the Tuesday night run at Stretton (better take it easy though).

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