Friday, 20 May 2011

Tuesday Night Hillclimbing - 17/05/2011

Sorry, more catching up to do.

On Tuesday I had a strange sickness bug which I slept off in the afternoon. I woke feeling as right as rain about 3:30 and after I'd eaten toast and watch Adam Gilchrist's amazing IPL hitting display, I decided to head over to Church Stretton for the evening run.

This turned out to be a bit of a misnomer as the "run" route selected was the hilliest I've known since I've been going... We started out up the Hundred Steps and the Green Path to the Yearlet / Ashlet col, and then descended by way of the gully that the Bluebell Run comes up. I was good on the ascent and took it easy chatting to Leyton and then Naomi, but for some reason found myself descending much faster than most. I think I just see Tom bounding down and go all silly!

Anyway we regrouped in Ashes Hollow and launched off up the spur onto Grindle. This is the route I'd used in January on my Gill Harris Round run. I started near the front and finished at the back - sticking to the plan and taking it fairly easy. My story is that I said I'd backmark the group, but maybe I was a little weary after throwing up in the morning! We didn't quite go to the top though and were soon over Nills and heading straight down again into Ashes.

Sensible people at this point would head back along the contour path through Cunnery Woods, but none of the fifteen odd of us could be remotely classified as being sensible. Up Ashlet we went by way of the brutally steep and loose ascent route used by the Stretton Hills race. Not nice, and again I followed the group up. At the top there was some discussion as to which way to descend to the top of the Rectory Wood. Most of the happy band went off by the approved LMV descent, straight down into Townbrook Valley, but four of us headed down the Green Path. We got to the woods (and thus the car park) comfortably before the others. They must have stopped again to regroup or something. Or maybe I'm right and the Green Path is quicker unless you're a demon descender.

Anyway, the heels mostly held up, I didn't irritate the Achilles significantly (hopefully it's settling down nicely) and I had a good night out (yet again).

5 miles and 2,000' of ascent tonight!! Didn't bother timing I'm afraid, but it wasn't quick.

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