Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tuesday Night Run - 03/05/2011

Sorry, no pics or GPS tracks for this one.

A shorter run than usual, which I cut even shorter, due to the state of my feet after the Three Peaks. Went pretty much around the Caradoc Classic route in advance of next week's race, then most folk went off through Helmeth Hill Woods to look at the bluebells.

I had a meeting about the juniors so met Pauline at the bottom of the steep Caradoc descent and jogged back to Church Stretton with her.

I was pleased with the climbing tonight - Tom and I were a couple of hundred yards behind everyone coming out of the lane into the field. I put a decent 80% effort in and we'd caught virtually everyone up before Three Fingers Rock. I ran on hard from the rock towards the top and that was OK as well - I'm hopeful I can run much more of the ascent this year than I did last.

The feet are limiting the descending a bit at the mo. I started off fairly steady and Tom came bounding past at pretty much terminal velocity (gotta learn to go that fast - do I need to have my entire brian vacuumed out as pre-race preparation?) I got it together a bit on the steeper section, but need to remember to really attack this in the race. Then it's hold on all the way across the field.

A couple of rehearshal runs on Sunday wouldn't go amiss...

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