Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Stretton Club Run - 18/01/2011

Huge turnout tonight for Dave "Gizmo" Nicholl's sixtieth birthday.

We ran up Townbrook Valley (some detouring up Yearlet) and on to Pole Bank, where we wished Dave a Happy Birthday in song.

The return was via the green path under Yearlet and off the Ashlet ridge to the Townbrook Reservoir.

This was followed by a get-together in the pub (Ragleth Inn) with cake and drinks provided... I had a superb stack of bubble and squeak, bacon, black pudding and poached egg to top up the calories.

I went really well tonight which surprised me after the Gill Harris round on Sunday - maybe this was due to the nice gentle average speed of the long run? Or perhaps to having had a couple of gentle weeks (except for said long run) since the Cannock Trigs race.

The stats for today: 6.2 miles and 1,310' of ascent.

I think a nice slow jog is in order on Thursday evening (with a bit of steady climbing). It's the Kinder Trial on Saturday.

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