Sunday, 11 September 2011

Adrian's BG (2nd Attempt) - 02/09/2011

This was the re-run of Adrian's Bob Graham after the first attempt, back in June, had resulted in a completion just outside the time limit when hideous weather had been compounded by some navigational problems on Leg 2.

This was a lighter-weight feeling attempt with only Adrian's wife Clare and Keith R providing some road/bike support and the pacers and navigators dropping in as they were needed.

I navigated leg 1 with Richard R doing the carrying and feeding duties. We were up Skiddaw in a mere 74 minutes, gaining on a large group ahead much of the way, and in fading light I hit the trod down Hare Crag spot on. Unfortunately at around the 7 mile mark I plonked my right foot down in a boggy hole and set my achilles off again. It had almost healed (the left one has), but was irritated by the Ellesmere 10k last month and is obviously still not right.

Rich took over the nav duties as I headed back down to Threlkeld via Skiddaw House. It was a quickish jog down for me, with not too much damage done, so I had time for a pint and a coffee in the pub before jogging over to see them come off Hall's Fell. The group mentioned above turned out to contain Sarah Rowell and Andy Peace, with a Pudsey and Bramley runner going for it. They came through six or seven minutes ahead of Adrian and Rich. I joined them for the run through the village and across the A66 to the meet at the cricket pavilion.

Adrian set off on leg 2 with Andy D and Rich about 15 minutes up on schedule, and with a nephew's birthday party at 10:30 in Leicester I had to set off, reluctantly, down the A591 to try and get a little sleep.

Keith texted me just as I got in to say they were through Dunmail still about fifteen minutes up, but in the morning no news later turned out to be bad news, as really horrible weather had conspired to put an end to Adrian's second attempt at Wasdale.

Never mind, I'm sure he'll be back up there in the spring...

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