Thursday, 17 March 2011

Club Run - 15/03/2011

Just a little wander up the Long Mynd again!

This week Tom was back with us (some positive leadership and less chance of getting lost), and he had an excellent plan: Cunnery Road across to Little Stretton, then run up Ashes Hollow and back down Townbrook Hollow. Sound simple doesn't it?

After the first couple of 50m climbs (up the rectory field and then from the road up into Cunnery Wood) I was feeling pretty good. We stopped to regroup on the little plateau above the drop into Ashes Hollow, then ran through the campsite at a fairly sensible pace.

With Chris and Leyton well ahead of the main group, Naomi led us on up Ashes Hollow at a good but fairly sensible pace until the point where it starts to steepen significantly two thirds of the way up. I was feeling good and had the score to settle with this route from having to walk up at the end of Saturday's excursion, so took on the pace making and ran on up, feeling really strong.

We regrouped at the top just before the road, and after a quick (and not particularly clear) conference, decided to go over Pole Bank, so off we went to Pole Cottage and up to the top.

The descent was uneventful (thankfully after missing the same route last week and then having to contend with Paul's broken shoe); I had a really nice chat with Tom on the way down.

Another great evening out on the hills - sometimes I wonder why everyone isn't out doing this!!!

7.9 miles and 1,600' of ascent in 1 hour 35 minutes.

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  1. Thankfully most folk just think we are strange, running up and down hills.
    Dont want it getting too busy;)