Friday, 11 March 2011

Cannock Chase Intervals - 10/03/2011

Rifle Range Trig
I had a fairly intense meeting with a client yesterday afternoon and needed to wind down. On Tuesday, Sandy and Noel had been trying to impress upon me the virtue of a bit of speed training (fast 400m intervals). On the basis that they're both quicker than me I thought I'd try it out, somewhere where the running is realtively easy but not so boring that I'd get fed up. Cannock Chase fitted the bill and was on the way back.

I ran my usual half-a-Trig-points route, but this time with a twist. I ran steadily to the Rifle Range Trig feeling quite strong, and the started the intervals. Because I didn't have a measured distance I just decided to do 60 second efforts with 90 second recovery jogs in between. The first two efforts were fairly quick, on the level. The third was downhill and although I tried I coudn't run quite as hard as on the first two. The fourth and fifth co-incided with the climb out of Sherbrook Valley towards the Glacial Boulder trig. Eyeballs out stuff. The final, sixth, effort was on the flat - I put as much effort in as I had with the first but I think the hills had got me.

Satisfyingly I'd recovered my composure, form, and breath within about 3 minutes of finishing, and enjoyed a nice fast jog to the trig and on down. I saw four stag deer just down in the hollow by Brockton - they reminded me of the logo on the club vest, and then of how I'm probably not quite that graceful yet! There's hope for us all though.

This was a good, if hard session. Hopefully I'll be recovered in time for the Potter tomorrow.

7.4 miles; 850' (OS map, but 1,280' according to the GPS); 01:14. Map and profile below:

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