Friday, 6 April 2012

Training to 23/03/2012

Working away up the scree gully on the Wrekin
So, after the excitement of Lad's Leap I headed off to stay with Zoe in Upton. She's doing the London marathon on April 22nd so she has been building her mileage with long weekend runs at just slower than marathon pace. We aimed to do 20 miles at 8:53/mile, but I got the pace wrong so we ran at 8:13. This pretty much did for me - after the previous day's race I was feeling tired by about mile 9 and just about managed to keep going to a HM PR of 1:49:41 (but it was pretty damn hilly!) Anyway I ducked out at her brother's house after 15.2 miles and 400' of climbing (total time 2:10). Zoe had a really good one, powering on to her 20 miles still at 8:13s.

That took a little out of me, but I turned out on Tuesday night, where Dr Tim volunteered to lead the run on a route of his devising. This seemed to take us over/round the Bowdler Hills and into the area I would technically term "out back". I wasn't quite sure where we were, I know we crossed the Wenlock Road a couple of times, but it was a nice steady run, cruising along chatting most of the time. I'd do the route again in delight just to work it out! Thanks Tim for a good 7.2 miles and 1,200' in 1:26.

Tim's route - the numbers are quarter miles so 24 is 6 miles in.
On Wednesday I managed to get away early enough to reccie the Wrekin Fell Race route with Em. We had a lovely steady run, just cruising around and messing about. Em was trying her new Merrell Pace Gloves (a very minimalist shoe) out. We ran over the Ercall, not quite getting the route spot on as we descended, but noting where we should have gone for the return (it's an out-and-back race). Then a steady churn up the scree gully and then the main drag to the top...
At the summit with Needle's Eye Rocks behind
Em doing the palm tree yoga pose on the view indicator
Erm, yes, we're not brave enough to try this on the trig column!
A nice steady run down an a bit of a blast of the top of the Ercall led us to this amazing tree, lit by evening sunlight. We both had a bit of a climb around...

x-Talons are excellent tree climbing footwear
... then ran down to the Wickets for a cooling pint of lime and lemonade. 5.1 miles and 1,500' in 1:09.

Deadlines were pressing at work all week, so it was good to knock off at had five on Friday and head back to Stretton, getting a quick run in on the way home. I went up Townbrook and then down the first mile or so of Ashes, before doubling back up the side valley to Pole Cottage. From there it was over the top and out past Shooter's Knoll to the summit of Calf Ridge and on down to Mott's Road and CMV. 7.7 miles and 1,500' in 1:20. I felt just about prepared for what was to come after this...

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