Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Time Trial - 27/11/2011

Just getting into my running in Ashes Hollow
Photo: John Richards, 
So after a couple of days of rest I headed over to Stiperstones to pick up Em, and then back over the Burway Road to the start, passing many of the early starters on the way.

With the novelty of computer timing this year I kicked off just before Em and headed up Ashes, using the main valley almost all the way to the top and then trying to pick up the Valleys trod. I missed it and had a heather flounder for a minute or two over to the road. I saw Giz on a much better line on the way up and will use that next year...

Down the grassy path from Wild Moor I was really flying, passing Dawsy coming back...

Unfortunately I ran out of steam a little over the hills between Ratlinghope and Hollies Farm, and had to struggle to catch Phil Blatch on the way up to Shepherd's Rock. Em came storming past me just before the top and I couldn't stay with her on the way down, but I had a good run nonetheless and took 11 minutes off last year's time.

Achilles still slightly sore and weak on the last couple of climbs, but improving!

8.7 miles, 1,970', 01:29.

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