Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tuesday Night Run - 05/04/2011

Elevation profile and view down into New Pool Hollow from GoogleEarth
Way-hey! Running again. The physio said I could run tonight, so I was pleased to give it a go.

I'd been to Romford and London yesterday and had felt a niggle in the calf for a good part of the day walking round town. I was worried I might not be in shape to run today, but there was no more than a slight ache by 5pm; I was more bothered by having a headache than anything else.

So I got myself over to Church Stretton for the 7pm start, and we set off towards the Batch and Jonathan's Hollow, heading out via Madeira Walk and then the path around the bottom of the east face of Nover's Hill. I felt fairly comfortable, chatting to a few of the guys and girls as we turned into the Batch. Now it's daylight for most of the run I managed to avoid falling at either of the little footbridges on the way up the valley. I must remember I can take pictures now!!!

In Jonathan's Hollow, the ground steepens and so I climbed fairly steadily, with a bit of an ache in the calf but no more trouble than that. Reaching the top we came out into a strong headwind and a bit of mist, so carried on after a brief regrouping up to High Park and then on to the Portway.

We ran south west along the Portway to the Ratlinghope Road and then on south to meet Burway Road; then headed down that briefly before coming off down into New Pool Hollow - I never run down this way and it was a good descent, if a bit boggy. From the reservoir we headed along the pipe path which contours under Cow Ridge, crossed the nose of the ridge and went partway up towards to Mott's Road / Lightspout Hollow junction, then finished the descent into CMV with a good gallop down steep grass - may as well enjoy the absence of any bracken while it lasts - this slope won't be runnable in another month's time.

A quick jog up the ramp to the Burway Cattle Grid and down through the Rectory Wood got us back to the car park.

I didn't go too hard tonight but I was pleased to be able to run steadily up onto the Mynd and to descend fairly rapidly. I put a bit of effort in at the end and felt good. The calf was ok apart from the JH ascent where it was a little sore...

The stats for tonight were about 7.6 miles, 1,250' of ascent, and 1 hour 29 minutes.


  1. Good to see you are up and running again.

  2. Forgot to say, Where did you get the screenshot from?

    Cheers Steve

  3. Hey Steve. When I use tracks on my iPhone I get a .kml file as well as the .gpx track. You can open the .kml in Google Earth and then get it to do a fly through (top bit is just this paused and you can see the playback controller bottom left of that). In one of the menus you can get it to show a profile of the track - that's the bottom bit. Quick and dirty, and not so pretty as the maps from but the fly throughs are fun...